Project in Progress

Croignon DessinCroignon DessinCroignon Dessin

From 2017, creation of a new cellar adapted to the doubling production of the property:  from 13.50 Ha to 40 Ha.

Construction in the mind of the work done since October 2013, i.e. the technical, qualitative and environmental recovery of the vineyard.

  • Renovation of farm buildings: creation of a barrel cellar, thermoregulation of vats,… ;
  • Renovation of the dwelling house into guest houses ;
  • Quantitative and qualitative development of the range of wines produced in red (including an Elite range), in rosé and in white;
  • Development of direct sales marketing ;
  • Plantation of 3.6 hectares in 2 years (Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Semillon)
Croignon DessinCroignon Dessin

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