Artisanal Vinification

Located in gironde, between Garonne and Dordogne, Château de Croignon enjoys a privileged location: a hilly territory offering a terroir of predilection for the development of a Grand Vin de Bordeaux, the immediate vicinity with BORDEAUX and less than 20km from SAINT EMILION.


One of the original features of this 10-hectare property is the diversity of its terroir ... Three types of soils are identified: a limestone plateau outcropping reminiscent of the terraces of Saint Emilion, a clay-gravelly part on limestone subsoil and finally on the heights of the property, old gravelly silt also resting on a limestone subsoil outcropping.



100% of the property is composed in "merlot" aged 12 to 20 years. Merlot's adapted in these fields by delivering refined, silky, particularly fruity wines. As part of its planting program, Château de CROIGNON will introduce Cabernet Sauvignon in 2014 in order to perfect the possibilities of final blending of its wines.

For dry white wines, the program focuses on the planting of a traditional grape from Bordeaux, "Semillon". Before the massive arrival of Sauvignon Blanc, it was with Muscadelle the predominant grape variety of Bordeaux.

A rosé "gourmand" is available every year from March.

working in the vienyard of Chateau de Croignon in Bordeaux


The management of the vineyard is inscribes in an eco-responsible approach. The use of agro-pharmaceutical products is limited to products type "reasoned" at doses rigorously reflected. Similarly, the use of herbicide is prohibited, replaced by mechanical weeding under the row. These practices make it possible to respect the nature, the men and to promote the full qualitative expression of the vineyard ... as well as its longevity.

Another important parameter: the size ... We have seen that the terroir of the Château de Croignon is particularly qualitative. "Everything is decided in the vineyard ..." And the hand of the man must master this set to sublimate the grapes obtained. All the interventions contribute to it, but size remains a crucial step in the quality of the grapes obtained. Each vine is subject to special attention. Its vigor, its possible weakness, its balance are analyzed so as to reason the cuts...

Ask us to visit the property, we will be happy to explain to you the work of the winemaker.

Merlot vineyard at Chateau de Croignon in Bordeaux area


The harvest is manual for the development of our ELITE range, vinified entirely in barrels, from harvest to bottling ...

We use a service provider using a last generation harvesting machine, with ventilation and sorting systems to obtain at the cellar reception healthy grapes without any other vegetable matter.

Winemaking is supported and advised by an oenologist. This collegial reflection allows us to set up the best technical itinerary according to the vintage.

The container is essential. We prefer to vinify in raw concrete vats, benefiting from a better inertia, a slow micro-oxygenation and a better potential for the breeding of the wines than the stainless steel vats.

Vinification is rigorously conducted, favoring the extraction and full expression of the aromatic characteristics of Merlot. The notes of red fruits are very expressive.

vue du chai de chateau de croignon en bordelais

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